World Diabetes Day 2015

Today is World Diabetes Day.

I find it incredibly convenient that it is 2 weeks into Diabetes Awareness Month because that is just enough time to get my current thoughts about diabetes in order. If you had asked me last year, I would have talked about the personal journey of each diabetic, the pride, the hatred, the hurt, and the love. This year, my sentiments are along the same lines, Type 1 Diabetes is a daily struggle, you pray when you wake up that you’ll start the day off with a good blood sugar so that you can spend as much of the day as possible in peace, no bleeping, no buzzing, no chalky taste of dex, and none of that terrible plummeting feeling. On top of all of this, there an inevitable social, psychological and medical ups and downs, but the worst thing to think about is that your ups are everyone else’s normal.
I’m not making this post to get a pity party, rather I am making it to acknowledge how pain and struggle can bind us. I have been so fortunate to find a supportive community that helps me navigate the obstacles that diabetes tries to put in my way, and I have been so fortunate that with their help I see it as a way to make each day different and exciting. I’m not just talking about other people living with Type 1 Diabetes, whose support and friendship I am eternally grateful for, but everyone in my community. My fantastic roommate who asks me in the morning, “Hey, next time when your pump is getting mad at you, should I wake you up?” to my friends who think that diabetes is cool, to more friends who listen when I am so frustrated that I can’t find optimistic papers about Type 1 Diabetes, and finally, to the people who act as amused by all the Diabetes memes out there as I do.
Yesterday was what I pray is the final of a culmination of attacks on innocent civilians. I am not going to try to project that I understand what people in France, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and all of the other countries that I have forgotten are going through, however, I will make one connection between my sentiments on World Diabetes Day and these events. Terrorism and illness can both strike fear into our hearts. Support for those affected by these attacks will likely look very different from the support that I mentioned earlier, I pray that all of those affected by the attacks will find the necessary support and will continue to bond together in solidarity. #porteouverte #prayforpeace

From my personal Facebook page on November 14th, 2015

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