OpenAPS In Progress Part 2

The internet sucks.
I have work up to my eyeballs.
BUT this feels like self-care though, which is unexpected.
How long will I be able to let my Open APS function on offline mode?

Over the past week, I have received the last of my supplies for the OpenAPS project, which is really freaking exciting. I am so ready to close the loop and stick it to the man. I mean, be self-sufficient and challenge myself. I do not have the full system in working order yet, but we are on our way! I have set up my Heroku account and subsequent Nightscout site, I have put together the Edison, computer board and battery, I have the 3D printed case (shoutout to Sawyer DANGER Plato who hooked me up with the people and printer). All done, right? No. Not right.

My first tribulation was the format in which to log in to wifi. Where I live, our login isn’t the usual network name and password, there is a separate login component that you need to go through. Apparently, OpenAPS isn’t about that system so I had to work around it, got a separate router, plugged it into our ethernet ports. It was not an extremely challenging task but was a detour that I was not expecting.

An interesting reflective piece to this puzzle has been where setting this device up fits into my daily schedule. For those who are interested in this project, I’m sure that it could easily be done on a weekend if you commit almost exclusively to it. I, however, am interested in understanding as much of how it functions as I can and I am in an intense course so I’m giving myself a few hours every night for it. It has been an interesting experience to miss working on it, though. If I go a day without progressing, I get an unexpected sense of guilt and responsibility.

The OpenAPS project has become sentimental for me. It represents an ultra-active role in managing my diabetes, and it is a level of understanding my pump technology that I never expected to achieve. Working on this project means that I am pursuing a goal that was previously unrealistic.

OpenAPS is extremely empowering.

I have a final part of this project that I have yet to piece together conceptually. I use an Enlite sensor and Medtronic pump (see part 1) and am looking to allow the system to work offline as much as possible. If it is offline, however, how am I supposed to see what it is doing? Will Nightscout still be live if I am not connected to wifi? Also, I am moving at the end of the year so I’ll have to reconfigure the internet settings on my rig so I hope there are instructions to do that.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach so I think I’ll be able to handle whatever the rest of this process throws at me.


I have officially closed the loop! My rig is setting temp basals left, right, and center. I have been surprised by its methods, as it is giving me short spurts of 200%+ basal every once in a while and completely cutting out every other once in a while. My chart looks good though, so I’m not complaining!

20171109_102842[1477]I am still experiencing some challenges with Nightscout, however so this is still very much a work in progress!

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