OpenAPS In Progress Part 3

What will you make? – the tagline on every piece of the Edison
Just a pancreas, no big deal.

I really did not think I would be writing a part 3 to this series so soon, but big things have happened!

To recap: I decided to start an OpenAPS project, it took forever for the parts to get to Canada, I was having trouble with the internet, I closed the loop, I was having trouble with Nightscout.

Now let’s talk about data! It has been great! Over the past 3 days I have not gone over 9 (which is ultra impressive because I’m on my period and it includes a time when I may have forgotten to bolus for something until I had already eaten it). Over the past 3 days I have not gone below 3 (which is ultra impressive because I’ve been stepping up my physical activity). I even went out for dinner last night and although I selected a low carb option, it was definitely greater than 30 g of carb, I had a beer, and NO SPIKE! Yeah. It has been freaking fantastic. 

Another lovely surprise has been how well the OpenAPS does when I am out of range and then return, or it runs out of battery and I plug it in again. Within a few minutes they’re communicating and temp basaling away!

Now for the qualms. The battery life is not great, its supposed to be 18 hours which I find to be true to the dot. This is mostly problematic because I like to charge it while I sleep and then leave it on me when I’m awake, even if I’m at home. I have a power bank though, so hopefully carrying that around again will help me out when I’m on the go. Also, I’ve had to be careful of overheating. When I sit down somewhere, I like to take the lid of my case off to let it cool down a bit.

Also, I have discovered the problem with my Nightscout site, but I have yet to fix it. All my data is being pushed to the far left side so I have a vertical stripe of data. If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know! I’m using an enlite with my Medtronic pump though, so I’ve just been working in offline mode mostly. I believe that the whole system uploads to Nightscout when I’m home. It isn’t the end of the world though because I can always upload my pump to Carelink (Medtronic’s report generating website that is in desperate need of an upgrade *cough cough*)

Socially, OpenAPS has been great! It looks cool, I tell everyone it is my artificial pancreas (which is the truth) and understanding the way that it determines temporary basal rates sounds cool to people who I haven’t shared much of my diabetes journey with. I am kind of obsessed with it, I am always watching in fascination at what it is doing to my pump. In my free time, I’m reading what other people think of their systems and trying to understand its mechanisms more.

So far, success. Stay tuned because in a week I’ll post some trends!


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